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Drawing on choreographed ‘mala’ (garlands) of postures, inspired by Astanga Vinyasa, Liz shares Structural, Mindful Vinyasa Sequences in Workshops held in different locations (see hosts).
LIz works with Sir John Eliot Gardiner, and the Monteverdi Choir, English National Ballet School and Indian Dance Companies.
She created a yogadance in 2014, in celebration of Sri Ravi Shankar, set to his yoga music, performed at The Indian Embassy in London.

Yoga Workshops With Liz

Liz also leads weekend workshops in the tradition of ‘Vinyasa Krama’, mindful breath linked steps,
to peak poses, for all levels. Themed sequences are choreographed in a unique, creative way.

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Kindly email the hosts to book.
‘As ever you weave a flow through the layers of our being to let the prism of light expand. I loved the workshop today. Thanks’

Nicky Hall, Banbury Workshop, 2015

‘Crossing The Rainbow Bridge’ 10-11th October, 2020.
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Yoga Art with Liz ~ Mandala, Song, Poetry, Yogadance, Meditation, Contemplation, Relaxation, Restoration
Embrace ‘ Putting together a Path’ with Liz Lark, in a weekend of wholistic VINYASA KRAMA yoga, to cross the rainbow bridge. Gather tools of yoga to paint and sculpt a purposeful path with body and brain nourishing practices.

As we cross the bridge we will travel through the color spectrum each day, drawing inspiration from 5 elements, 5 senses, 5 sheaths (kosha), 5 patterns of Prana (bio energy), to balance and cleanse body, mind and emotions. As we travel we will create an art mandala with color and symbol.

The course focuses on different tools of Yoga Art :

~ Creative Embodiment through Authentic Movement & Somatics
~ Breath as The Key to the door
~ Visualisation – Inspiration from Arts & Nature kingdoms (Colour, Sound, Shape)
~ Dosha ~ three bio elemental energies within body, mind and environment,
~ Sequencing ‘yin yang yin’
~ 5 Elements, 5 Senses, 5 Koshas (Layers of consciousness)
~ ‘Yogassage’ ~ interactive adjustments, awareness through ahimsa (kindness) in listening hands.
~ Mudra (gesture),~ Mantra (Sound, Mind Protection), Song, Meditation
~ Inspirational quotes to provide themes for practice and teaching
~ Teaching skills though somatic language, touch and tending
~ Contemporary views of Self Care – To tend, Attend, Intend, rooted in tradition
~ Relaxations

The course will nourish the layers of being, inspired by colors of the spectrum, which will be painted as we proceed. Yin Yang Yin sequencing will be practiced, for a balanced yoga. Tools for teachers will be offered to enrich resources.

Explore Earth, Water elements, Red and Orange color inspiration.
Explore the whole color spectrum, celebrating Magenta, Purple with creative yoga practices, returning to Earth to conclude our crossing.
‘1001 Pearls of Yoga Wisdom’ (Watkins Books) can be purchased as part of the course (£12), Art works will be available. Liz has contributed Sequencing chapter to a ‘Yoga Manual for Teachers’

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The Yoga House, TN2 5EH,
Mondays Classes

The Brook, Upper Cumberland Walk, Tunbridge Wells, TN2 5EH, £15

Email to book


Held in Bermondsey, London Bridge at, a fabulous space.

Beautiful Expressive Arts Shala, 5 minutes from The Shard, St Thomas Street (Crosses Bermondsey St)

‘The Rainbow Bridge’
2 pm – 4. 30 pm – 6th June, 26th September, 28th November 2020 – £25
If not in person, we’ll meet on Zoom.

Join Liz to explore Kosha (layers of consciousness), Chakra, (psycho somatic centres), Natural Elements, Colour, Sound, Sequencing, Meditations, Relaxations in Creative Yoga Practices. Dance, Song, Movement, drawing will be celebrated as we travel along the bridge!

1 Red Orange, 2 Orange Yellow, 2 Green Blue, 4 Blue Mauve, 5 Rainbow Spectrum

Each session complete in itself, but 5 sessions will run as a series £25 / session – £110 for all 5
Book directly with

yoga tunbridge wells yoga classes tunbridge wells



4th July and 21st November 2020
The Rainbow Bridge
2 – 5pm

To book, please visit:


Workshops Schedule

Please email the hosts of the workshop if you have any questions or to book a class.


Date & Times
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Workshops Mondays
12.30 – 2pm
The Yoga House


Tunbridge Wells
Ongoing classes, creative vinyasa
6th June, 26th Sept, 28th Nov 2020 Globe House Yoga The Tanneries,
Shiva Buildings,
Bermondsey Street,
London Bridge
March 2021 TBC
Madrid Yoga Centre, Serrano Madrid, Spain Celebrate Spring
January 2021
Oxford Creative Vinyasa Yoga
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