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Caring With Vitality – Yoga & Wellbeing for Carers

A new book by Liz Lark and Andrea Warman – Yoga and wellbeing for foster carers, adopters and their families.

Watch an Adopter’s story below on the benefits of yoga for adoptive parents featuring Liz Lark and shot at the Laban dance Centre, London. Produced for Nifa/Adoption Support Fund. Photographed by Tricia de Courcy Ling and produced by Marissa Keating.

Andrea Warman & Liz Lark
Published by Jessica Kingsley. Spring 2016

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1001 Pearls of Yoga Wisdom

1001 pearls of yoga wisdom
Copies available direct from Liz, email: or
£12 + p&p

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2018 Yoga Teaching Manual, editted by Sian O’Neill

A collection of invaluable topics for yoga teachers, contributed by various Yoga Teachers.  Published 2018 by Singing Dragon


Further Yoga Books by Liz Lark

yoga books for kids

Yoga For Beginners:
A concise, safe, accessible way to practice Hatha yoga, with linking poses which form two twenty minute practices. Published by Carroll&Brown, 1998, co-authored with Mark Ansari.

An excellent way to start yoga practice from a book.

Power Yoga For Beginners:
A safe introduction to vinyasa (moving, breath-synchronised) yoga.
Carroll & Brown, 2003. These two books are spiral – bound for easy to follow use!

Astanga Yoga:
Carlton Books 2000, is a manual of Liz’s experience in the primary, grounding series, of this exhilarating method of Hatha Yoga, of weaving 8 limbs in practice.

The book presents a clear map of the posture sequences, with modifications and clear photographs for the practitioner to follow.
‘A beautiful book.’ Ralph Fiennes

Yoga For Life 2001:

Presents  key styles of Hatha Yoga,  which have spread and developed into myriad styles in the West, including:

  • Viniyoga (therapeutic, tailored to individual needs)
  • Iyengar Yoga (precison/.alignment awareness)
  • Sivananda (5 principles: right diet, right thinking, right exercise, right relaxation, right breathing)
  • Astanga Vinyasa (breath/movement meditation, synthesising the 8 limbs of Sage Patanjali)
  • Tantra (‘to expand beyond limitation’, an ancient concept, and the mother of yoga)

Yoga For Kids:
Carlton 2003 offers a fun, vibrant catalogue of postures and exercises for kids, encouraging them to grow in a positive, creative environment where yoga is woven into their lives at an early age, gaining tools to handle stress, develop self awareness and concentration.

The book is recommended on Jo Manuel’s Teaching Training Course for Kids!

Liz’s fourth Publication with Carlton Books : Includes yoga sequences and exercises which specifically nourish and balance the systems of the body, including respiratory, cardiovascular, neuroendocrine, immune and genitor-urinary systems.

Expert Osteopath and Body worker Tim Goullet brings his expertise to yoga, and has devised healing vinyasa sequences for each section.

‘A Beautiful Book; calm, clear and nourishing.’ Alan Rickman

Beautiful photographs by Clare Park heighten the inspiring quality of these books, filmed in natural light: see below:

yoga bow poseliz lark yogaadvanced bow pose yoga

YOGALIBRE ‘Freestyle Yoga’ DVD

liz lark yoga dvd freestyle yoga

Develop strength, grace and coordination with Liz Larks dynamic, creative vinyasa flow yoga practice.

Modifications for all levels, with level three/ Advanced sequences

Alan Rickman

“Ace DVD, safe & challenging sequences, body felt opened and lengthened after”
David Olton, Yogaballetfusion teacher and choreographer.

‘We really enjoyed your DVD, you have super-yogic balance!! A great piece of work …stunning location’
Miles, Yoga Shala, Aarhus, Denmark

1001 Pearls Of Yoga Wisdom

Yoga Wisdom for daily living!

1001 Pearls of Yoga Wisdom
An accessible, poetic interpretation of yoga practices, with artists illustrations throughout.
yoga books

‘ …I just want to tell you how useful and inspirational this book is. I use it for lesson planning and have been quite moved at times to ‘open the book at whatever page’ and find just what I’m looking for at the time.

Thank you so much – it has brought a lot of yoga wisdom and joy to me and is very thought provoking. It’s a bit like the wardrobe in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’,  or the Tardis – such a little book  – yet in touch with the whole universe.
Thanks, Jane Rothery


“I am an avid reader of 1001 Pearls of Yoga Wisdom. I think your work is simple yet effective in introducing yoga to beginners.

I have begun practicing the warm up and sun salutation sequences as well as asanas and mudras outlined in the book on a daily basis. I have truly enjoyed your work and I would like to thank you.
Thank you! ZZZZie xx

‘I love your book. It has something for every occasion. For me it is irreplaceable! Whether I am sad, angry, anxious or joyous I can always find a quote or posture to help at that particular moment. It is always by my bedside’
Debbie, Nurse Specialist, Yoga Therapist & Teacher

book on yoga for daily living