This was a truly magical and immersive course. Quite literally the most special yoga time I have s pent. Liz is a generous and creative teacher, drawing on all her experience and unique insights to explore the aspects of yoga in a way that I have never done so before, combining art, dance, song and yoga which was inspirational.

To accompany the course, Liz produced a booklet which obviously took a great deal of time to produce. It is a rich source of information with beautiful illustrations and something I will treasure and refer to often. It is the best accompanying course material I have ever received.

Angela Goff – Yoga & Pilates Teacher


My Rainbow Bridge Experience:

I have just attended the most inspiring workshop ever, Liz lark manages to take you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually on a multi coloured journey through yoga with this immersive workshop.

You don’t just move your body in ways you never thought it could go but you embody every aspect of yoga from the ancient scriptures poetically read or sung , you receive aromas to match the chakras and even your taste buds are tantalised with delicacies for you to absorb and nourish your senses. All of this and more as she surrounds you visually with her stunning art works that convey and simplify subjects on the pranic body.

She makes this course attainable and fun for everyone, this creative Yogini has so much energy and passion for her subject , you cannot help leaving one of her workshops without feeling completely inspired , restored and ready to go deeper.

Thank you Liz Lark – the Yogini, the Creative Artist and Nourisher of Souls.
Don’t miss an opportunity to spend time with this fabulous teacher.

Katy Broomfield – Yoga Teacher, Artist


I got so much from the weekend thank you!

Nadia Saadi (Oxford 2019)


I just came back from a Yoga Retreat on a Greek island led by Liz. What was most impressive to me was how she created a safe space for all of us to practice – beginner to advanced. We even had a few first-timers, one who wasn’t planning on practicing at all…until she created the safe and inviting place. Liz is truly a modern-day alchemist – blending wisdom from many different philosophies and disciplines.

Tim Nash (Californian, living in Munich)

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