Yoga Workshops

Drawing on choreographed ‘mala’ (garlands) of postures, inspired by Astanga Vinyasa, Liz shares Structural, Mindful Vinyasa Sequences in Workshops held in different locations (see hosts).
LIz works with Sir John Eliot Gardiner, and the Monteverdi Choir, English National Ballet School and Indian Dance Companies.
She created a yogadance in 2014, in celebration of Sri Ravi Shankar, set to his yoga music, performed at The Indian Embassy in London.

Yoga Workshops With Liz

Inspired by Astanga Vinyasa, Liz shares Somatic, Structural, Sequences in mindful, heartfelt stages to integrate body, mind, essence. She has worked with Alan Rickman, Ralph Fiennes, Tom Hollander, Sir John Eliot Gardiner, Monteverdi Choir, English National Ballet School & Indian Dance Companies.


Globe House Workshops 2023

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18 March
Green Blade ~ with Liz Lark
1.30 – 3.30 £25
Spring Equinox ~ As light returns we connect with nature ‘maha Bhuta’ (five elements), enjoying elemental sequencing.
Astanga inspired sequencing with themes and contemplation weave somatic asana on thread of breath.


15 April
Movin’ On Up ~ with Liz Lark & Jean Hall
1.30 – 4. 30 pm, £45
Through a combination of somatic movement patterns, creative vinyasa sequencing and personal enquiries, culminating in a
sound bath for deep relaxation, this workshop will explore ways to harmonise with and embrace the uplifting energy of spring. By learning how to root, we can awaken
our capacity to rise with a renewed sense of inner steadiness, resilience, resourcefulness, flexibility and purpose.

In this workshop, we will explore:
– The breath’s cycle of renewal and release, expansion and condension, rise and fall.
– The principle of yielding into the earth to provide an upward rebound and reach into space.
– An understanding of the tendons and ligaments in the body, and how they relate to creating flexibility, mobility, resilience and strength.
Jean and Liz met whilst studying a masters degree in Performing Arts and since have taught workshops
and retreats together every year since 1998.


1 July
“Turn your face to the sun so the shadows fall behind you” Helen Keller
Travelling towards Summer Solstice where light and dark are equal,
we dive into practise exploring the terms “Vikalpa, Sankalpa, Kalpana”, cultivating mind support
As well as body support in our asana ( breathing seat). Meditations and biofeedback with cooling pranayama will
balance a steadying, structural flow practice.

23 September
Autumn Equinox we turn inward to nourish the interior world, return to Earth & prepare the heart hearth for winter.
Mental revision of Patanjali 8 limbs dance us towards notions of the “Self”.
Yoga Nidra to replenish.
4 November
Stillpoint of the turning world’ T.S Eliot
– A warming flow leads to yin floor restorative, with warming pranayama & meditation inspired by poetry of the Upanishads.
– What are the four states of consciousness, described in Munkdakya Upanishad.”He/she who sees all beings in her own self
and her own self in all beings loses fear” (Isa Upanishad)

A creative sequencing yoga day exploring Vikalpa, Sankalpa, Kosha, Vayu with meditation, yoga nidra to soothe and deepen rest.


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